About us

The story of the Kegelmaster in NZ began in 2007 when, after the birth of their children, two Kiwi mums were very concerned about the lack of information available on the topic of post-pregnancy pelvic floor exercises (kegels) and what could be done to restore them. Unfortunately it’s a cold, hard fact that pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can leave these muscles stretched, weakened and even damaged, resulting in incontinence, prolapse and decreased sensation during intimacy. Indeed, these are some very important muscles!

Both mums remembered being told to do their pelvic floor exercises, also known as kegels (squeeze, hold, release) after the birth of their children, and diligently followed this advice. Unfortunately, performing these kegels alone was very ineffective. Furthermore, both mums experienced decreased sensation during intimacy, as well as embarrassing urine leakages when sneezing, coughing or running.

Determined to find a solution to their problem, they decided to undertake some extensive research in an attempt to find a product that would alleviate their debilitating condition. They tried vaginal weights and a number of other gadgets, with disappointing results. One day, they discovered something that looked truly unique. The more they read about it, the more they were convinced that the product would actually work. That product was the patented American invention called the Kegelmaster.

The Kegelmaster is endorsed by medical experts around the globe, and offers women an alternative to liners, pads and incontinence surgery. Based on the research of the late Dr. Arnold Kegel, a Los Angeles Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, this device works by perfecting the pelvic floor exercise known as the kegel. Kegels should never be performed without resistance, which is why they were so ineffective for our two Kiwi mums!

Within a few short weeks, their incontinence problems had completely disappeared, while their strengthened pelvic floor muscles gave them a newfound confidence. Both mums were extremely excited, and can personally testify to their results. The Kegelmaster was recommended to their mums, sisters and friends, who all tried it with equal success!

After such a positive reception, the two mums decided to introduce the revolutionary Kegelmaster to the New Zealand marketplace so that even more women could benefit from it. They offered telephone support to anyone who purchased the Kegelmaster, as their goal was for all women to use this unique devise successfully and reap the wonderful benefits of the world’s number one vaginal exerciser.

Eventually, their families grew and so did their workload and commitments. It came time to find somebody with the passion and dedication to take over the distribution of the Kegelmaster in New Zealand.

In September 2016 they found that person in Tanya, a Rangiora-based mother of two. Tanya took over the Kegelmaster operations and committed herself to helping women conquer their debilitating conditions, giving them the freedom to cough, sneeze and laugh again, without worries or embarrassment.