The Kegelmaster is designed in a way that it is easy to maintain and look after. Simply using a gentle soap with warm water will suffice. The Kegelmaster has adjustable bolts and springs on it that are made from high grade stainless steel, so the chances of them catching rust or getting corroded is out of the question.
Not at all! The principle behind this pelvic floor exerciser is to allow the vaginal muscles to painlessly and gently expand, and then contract. This can be performed in a controlled manner with the aid of the control knob on the Kegelmaster. This allows gradual expansion, which in turn helps the vaginal muscles to grow stronger. The main advantage that the Kegelmaster also holds is that it helps without causing any damage whatsoever to the vaginal walls and muscles.
When the Kegelmaster is used, the pressure that it applies against the wall of the vagina can cause the small capillaries lying in the wall to burst. This can cause a small amount of spotting. You can be reassured that this is completely normal and is in fact something that occurs even during normal sexual activity. The discomfort that some individuals may experience is no worse than the sort of discomfort that they may have following an exercise routine of any part of the body.

If you experience pain or soreness after using the Kegelmaster, simply stop using it for a few days and allow for a complete recovery. Once you have completely recovered, start using the Kegelmaster at a lower spring resistance. This can make using the Kegelmaster an exciting and pleasurable experience.

If you decide to stop using the Kegelmaster, you may lose all the benefits that you have obtained from its use so far. It is similar to stopping an exercise routine and losing one’s fitness fairly quickly. If you do not use the Kegelmaster for a short period of time, the tone and strength of the pelvic muscles will return to what they used to be before you started using it.
It is always best practice to use the Kegelmaster for as long as you can as it will maintain strength and tone of the pelvic muscles. It is invigorating and can maintain health and fitness and this fact has resulted in individuals feeling that using the Kegelmaster pelvic floor exerciser was the best decision of their life!
The very likely cause for not being able to move the Kegelmaster is the use of hypertension from the very beginning. It is always best practice to start off at a low setting and then gradually building it up. If you find that the low setting also is causing problems, it may well be that you are using the wrong muscles. Some women tend to contract their abdominal muscles instead of performing a Kegel contraction and this can cause the Kegelmaster to slip out of its position. In such a situation, it is best to hold the Kegelmaster in place using your hands and performing a good Kegel contraction.
It is fairly straightforward to recognise the benefits of the Kegelmaster. Women who are suffering from urinary incontinence will find that they no longer have those embarrassing symptoms. Increasing vaginal strength is clearly noted. The overall benefits are also experienced by the woman’s sexual partner, making sexual intercourse a more pleasurable activity. Some women have also reported more intense orgasms following the use of the Kegelmaster for just a week!
If you have the drive and determination to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, to get rid of embarrassing urinary incontinence and to enhance your sexual pleasure, then there is absolutely no doubt that the Kegelmaster will be of benefit.
We strongly recommend visiting your gynaecologist or health care practitioner prior to using the this pelvic floor exerciser. This is more applicable to pregnant women and those who are within the first six weeks of their postpartum period. In this period, it is recommended that the Kegelmaster not be used. In women who have intrauterine devices such as diaphragms and pessaries and in those who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections, it is not advisable to use the Kegelmaster.
The Kegelmaster has a number of different unique attributes that separate it out from the rest of the pack. Not only does it offer 15 levels of resistance, it has a patented system that sports an adjustable safety knob which allows graduated and safe extension of the vaginal muscles.

In addition to this, it is made from US FDA approved medical grade plastic and is ISO compliant. This makes it an extremely safe and effective product to use. In fact, the manufacturers of the Kegelmaster pelvic floor exerciser have even offered US$100,000 for those who could match or beat the efficiency and safety of their product. It is not unsurprising to hear that so far no one has been willing to accept this challenge!